Tastybone TastyPack

Tastybone TastyPack


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Everything you need to astound your hound. The Tasty Pack contains three deliciously exciting products that have been designed to meet the teething and play needs of puppies and small dogs. The TastyBone, TastyBall and TastyRing will provide hours of fun and enjoyment for you and your dog, all packed with long-lasting, irresistible flavours. The rubber Tastybone and TastyBall will bounce energetically, encouraging your dog to play and have fun, while the super strong nylon TastyRing will satisfy every bit of your dog's urge to gnaw. This Tasty Pack includes a lip-smackingly delicious Vanilla nylon ring, Chocolate rubber Tastybone and Vanilla rubber TastyBall and is designed for puppies and small dogs.


TastyRing: 100% Virgin Nylon, Snythetic Flavouring TastyBone: Rubber, Synthetic Flavouring TastyBall: Rubber, Synthetic Flavouring